Sunday, May 31, 2015

Trouble with live streaming

Hello everybody.
So I tried to live stream on YouTube but it didn't work because the feature is disabled for Germany because of copyright reasons or something. Wasted one day with that until I found out. Then today I tried streaming my photoshop on Twitch, but even though it seemed to work in the beginning there was nothing but issues later on. People told me that the video and audio were interrupted or freezed all the time. Another day wasted with this. It looked good from time to time:

I hope I can get some help on the internet and figure out what the problem is. Since I am a noob to live streaming, OBS (open broadcasting system) and also Twitch, I have really no idea and reached my limit I guess. I'm about to freak out here. Before I do I better go off for today and try again tomorrow when hopefully somebody helped me out.
If you read this and know what to do or have any ideas or suggestions, please send me a message or leave a comment!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Going live on YouTube soon

Not as soon as right now and immediately but soon enough. I set up my YouTube channel and will be doing live drawing as soon as I draw something again, wich might be tomorrow morning. I know I said it would be on but I tested it today and it wasn't really what I was looking for.

The layout was okay and the set up was not too complicated with OBS. But I didn't like that the videos are not saved at all (not even for a short time or available for myself to download), no past broadcasts or activities displayed too. Anyhow the most frustrating part was that every time I opened the website with my stream on it while being live, OBS kept crashing. But how else could I check the chat, if not by visiting the site?

But then I found out that YouTube actually offers live streaming, wich I didn't know before. Now I kind of figured out how to do it and wanna test it by chance. I will announce it when I go online, so if you are free and are in the mood to watch me draw and/or talk to me a bit, I'd love to see you there. If you want to be extra sure not to miss me, you may want to add me on YouTube, Google+ or Twitter, these three will most likely be the first platforms that will get the info directly and quickly.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Alissa White-Gluz now in color

Here, I really coloured it later. Wich ever you prefer, here is the b&w version to compare again:

And no, that single thing didn't take me a whole day. But there is nothing more to show you now, I save it for later. I was working on my channel (site for live broadcasting art) and also started working on my twitch channel. Yes, now I have a twitch (site for live broadcasting games) channel. I found a funny name that fits me and started to do the channel design. So as you see I am planning to do some live streaming, about drawing as well as about the games I play, wich in this case is currently Destiny (even though I am also playing The Witcher 3, but I won't stream it online).
When I am done, I'll let you know for sure and post it on my blog here.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Alissa White-Gluz Fanart

Hello, here I am again after a lazy day of doing nothing but gaming.
And as I said, no spaceships today. This time something just for fun and to relax, a little fanart of Alissa White-Gluz, my new fandom. I used a reference, it's easy to find by just looking up the Google image search but to make it easier, you can just click here to see it.

Now actually the colors in the original photo are pretty nice so maybe I might even color it, when I wanna do something just for fun another time. But for now this has to be enough. It was fun and oh yes...I recorded and streamed. Actually nobody was watching the stream, I just made an account at picarto and made a test run of live streaming. It worked, but unfortunately it seems like the broadcasts are not saved online. That's a pity but luckily I have a file and will probably upload it later on and o course share it. After I edited it, because for Vimeo it could be to long and maybe also too long to watch if it's not even live. The drawing (or painting, however) took me about one and a half hour.
In the following days I'm going to set up my profile at picarto and make it public. Of course I will announce my live sessions. Since I finally have a headset, theoretically I'd even be able to talk to my viewers, but not sure how it works because I can not watch the chat while I use photoshop... but I might find a solution for that. And then maybe I can do a stream from time to time. What do you think about this? Are you even interested? Would you watch? By the way I am not sure if I should stream in english or in german, but I guess it depends on who is watching...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spaceship concepts

Interesting: What in the first stages was my least favourite concept, became the one that I like most now. But I don't tell wich one, don't wanna put my influence on you. Maybe, only maybe I will use that one for something and render it with a background and stuff. But for now I am done and also I am pretty sure that you will see no more spaceships tomorrow. At least.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Spaceship sketches

Nothing finished, only some sketches from today. Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of time for drawing or painting todays, so this is all I have for now. Not sure if I will use them for something when it's done or if I'll just let them be sketches. I hope it's not too boring for my blog visitors...
If there is anything you would like to see me drawing or if you have any other suggestion, please let me know. Otherwise it continues to be like this and I do whatever I do and post it here. By the way I'd love to hear from my visitors, since I see that I have some-

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another ship arrives

It's done I guess. Another spaceship. Now that's the second spaceship in a row, so maybe next time I'll paint something else. But maybe not, spaceships are fun.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Next spaceship is coming

...and it looks like a huge goldfish! We will see how it turns out. I thought a orange or red tone would be a nice contrast in this landscape, but of course it's still possible that I change my mind later on and adjust it a little bit. The background was pretty quickly done and I probably won't refine it very much since the ship is supposed to be the focal point. But no more today, it's likely to be finished tomorrow. I hope. No promises though.
But the water needs to be fixed a little bit... besides that I am not very satisfied with the composition yet, but it might be only little details that'll help. Add something or change the scale could be enough.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Cargo Ship

Now it's done. A spaceship flies over a city. Is it delivering pizza? Who knows... Probably not, it's more likely that I am just hungry.
This totally got me into the mood to do some more spaceships! But I am inspired to other things to... not sure what will come next.
Like on many other days my cat woke me up at five in the morning and I couldn't fall asleep again, thinking about spaceship designs.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spaceship in progress

Good evening everybody.
So here comes the next image I am working on. It will be a spaceship and I was trying around with its design for a couple of days but it's somewhat decided now. This is just the work in progress, the ship is still pretty rough, details are missing and I will eventually add a second color and/or might change the main colour as well. But you can already see what it will be like.

This is one above is one of the sketches I made into my physical sketchbook. I still prefer sketching with pen on paper and a real sketchbook that I can carry around.
And below is the current state of the image.
The ship is pretty dark, I wanted some dark color when I started it but now I am not so sure anymore, maybe I will lighten it up just a little bit and go for a warm secondary color.
Oh the arrows are just for myself and show the direction of the light.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

"Yamete" character designs

This is something different. Usually I don't work stylised very often anymore, but I am currently taking part in a comic project. It's a Yaoi anthology and I am in for the first time, joining other artists such as comic artists, writers and illustrators. Since I am not interested in writing a Yaoi story, I was still interested in the topic that this time will be "body modifications". This basically means tattoos, piercings, implants, brandings... so I'm just doing illustrations for a shortstory. 

I started just today and tried to get the authors preferences down, even though I don't have many instructions, just a short description for each character. And since this story will be about a band it's good to know the authors taste in music. This is really the first design approach of the main character and I don't even know if this is anywhere near the authors expectations. In the end anyhow I will do one or more illustrations of scenes described in the story.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My new blog. Hooray!

Hey yo, my first (real) entry here! So welcome to my new blog! Above you see a new character design that I made and I plan to fill this blog with more content like this. You can expect work in progress pics, sketches and of course also the finished works. Even though I am not sure if I shall leave the design like it is or if I'll make some more changes. Actually I have a blog at Tumblr and I really love it there, but I heard some good reasons to give this place here a chance too. For sure I will keep my Tumblr blog, but I was thinking of making this blog a little bit more informative. With more text and progress pictures to the finished ones and...whatever thoughts come to my mind. I hope. Can not promise anything though. So if you stumbled across this please leave your comment below and tell me if there's anything you'd like to see me post here. Or if not...just say hi maybe?

Here are some WIP's...