Monday, May 25, 2015

Alissa White-Gluz Fanart

Hello, here I am again after a lazy day of doing nothing but gaming.
And as I said, no spaceships today. This time something just for fun and to relax, a little fanart of Alissa White-Gluz, my new fandom. I used a reference, it's easy to find by just looking up the Google image search but to make it easier, you can just click here to see it.

Now actually the colors in the original photo are pretty nice so maybe I might even color it, when I wanna do something just for fun another time. But for now this has to be enough. It was fun and oh yes...I recorded and streamed. Actually nobody was watching the stream, I just made an account at picarto and made a test run of live streaming. It worked, but unfortunately it seems like the broadcasts are not saved online. That's a pity but luckily I have a file and will probably upload it later on and o course share it. After I edited it, because for Vimeo it could be to long and maybe also too long to watch if it's not even live. The drawing (or painting, however) took me about one and a half hour.
In the following days I'm going to set up my profile at picarto and make it public. Of course I will announce my live sessions. Since I finally have a headset, theoretically I'd even be able to talk to my viewers, but not sure how it works because I can not watch the chat while I use photoshop... but I might find a solution for that. And then maybe I can do a stream from time to time. What do you think about this? Are you even interested? Would you watch? By the way I am not sure if I should stream in english or in german, but I guess it depends on who is watching...