Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spaceship in progress

Good evening everybody.
So here comes the next image I am working on. It will be a spaceship and I was trying around with its design for a couple of days but it's somewhat decided now. This is just the work in progress, the ship is still pretty rough, details are missing and I will eventually add a second color and/or might change the main colour as well. But you can already see what it will be like.

This is one above is one of the sketches I made into my physical sketchbook. I still prefer sketching with pen on paper and a real sketchbook that I can carry around.
And below is the current state of the image.
The ship is pretty dark, I wanted some dark color when I started it but now I am not so sure anymore, maybe I will lighten it up just a little bit and go for a warm secondary color.
Oh the arrows are just for myself and show the direction of the light.