Sunday, May 31, 2015

Trouble with live streaming

Hello everybody.
So I tried to live stream on YouTube but it didn't work because the feature is disabled for Germany because of copyright reasons or something. Wasted one day with that until I found out. Then today I tried streaming my photoshop on Twitch, but even though it seemed to work in the beginning there was nothing but issues later on. People told me that the video and audio were interrupted or freezed all the time. Another day wasted with this. It looked good from time to time:

I hope I can get some help on the internet and figure out what the problem is. Since I am a noob to live streaming, OBS (open broadcasting system) and also Twitch, I have really no idea and reached my limit I guess. I'm about to freak out here. Before I do I better go off for today and try again tomorrow when hopefully somebody helped me out.
If you read this and know what to do or have any ideas or suggestions, please send me a message or leave a comment!