Tuesday, June 16, 2015

3D Character Model (ZBrush)

Okay, I admit that I didn't continue on the alien guy. I will, but today I felt like just doing the next character. The next? Yeah, the next. I have something in mind and there will be another next or two or three or... who knows. This one is not finished yet, as you can see she doesn't even wear shoes and that is not supposed to be. Also that overall she's wearing is not finished yet. So let's wait and see how she will look like in the end, because I don't know it either. Same for her as for the alien guy: There will be a 2D design of it, the sculpting is just supporting my workflow, my 2D skills are better anyway and yeah I consider myself a 2D person after all. Even though I would love to dig into ZBrush more and I will, but it will take time and I am not in a hurry to learn more about it.