Saturday, June 13, 2015

Alien character design

Not sure if this should be called "creature" or "character"...maybe it's more like a character. Doing some ZBrush again. There are certain things that I like to start with a 3D sculpt. It's a different way to explore a design than oly in 2D. I think I like to use ZBrush when I don't have anything particular in mind and I am not sure where to start. Because it just gives me the freedom to rotate my design (in this case this caracter), see it from every ankle, in- ore decrease volumes, move and morph around and all that stuff. Next thing is to work on the body. It will be something pretty much human looking I guess. When I'm finished I want to use it as a reference for a 2D character design. I am already looking forward to this. It's all fun since I usually do humans only.