Monday, June 1, 2015

Destiny fanart in progress

Okay, the streaming to Twitch did work, kind of. I had a few viewers, yay!
I wanna do it again but I am a little bit in hurry with this fanart, so I continued without streaming so that I don't have to watch what's happening in the chat besides and can fully concentrate. The fanart is for a contest and the deadline is tomorrow. I hope I can be done in time! At least I started with colouring already but for today I think I am done since I feel tired and need a break from it.
If you want to see my stream as long as it's still available in my past broadcasts you can go here.
This is as far as I've come today.

I am using ingame screenshots as reference. The character is supposed to be my own guardian and the environment is supposed to be on Venus, like somewhere in the Ishtar Sink.