Monday, August 31, 2015

Post-Apocalyptic Character Design II

Good evening folks, 
here I am again with another set of female portraits. I don't know, but it feels like I often need more time for female character development. I think I am just very picky with them. Problem is, I don't like a too girly type (I'd call it Barbie), but I also want to try out different things, wich means I should not make them too edgy every time.
Here again I am not sure. And yes – hair will follow. I just tried to concentrate on the face. By the way yesterday's designs looked a little bit different because I was trying another tool setting in Photoshop. Unfortunately then I forgot what my old settings were and it took me some time to get it back. But these are with my preferred settings again, should be fine now.
If you have an opinion to share about my sketches, please let me know in the comments. They are always warmly welcome!