Thursday, September 17, 2015

Yamete project cover - WIP II -

And the Yamete project character design continues! Oh, hello by the way! Uh oh, did I really not post anything since nearly one week? That's bad, I didn't really recognise that it's been so long! Well as mostly, I wasn't doing nothing. I finished the illustration that I was working on previously and then I started something secret. Nope, I won't tell, sorry about that. But I hope you like this work in progress from today. It's the main character being the cover motive and I want to make it look a bit like a traditional piece. Anyhow the image has to be greyscale in the end, but who cares if I do a colored version anyway. I can still desaturate it when it's done. If you want to see the line drawing only, check here.