Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Alternate Armor Design (Hilda) – turnarounds –

Hello everybody,
Yes, it's been nearly a week since my last post. And no, it's not because I bought Fallout 4 and am wandering around in the wasteland all the time. I admit that I did that too, but I can hold back with it and was working on stuff. Somehow I happened to become unsatisfied with my latest armor design and was overthinking it all. Then sketched out a new idea, got in the mood to build a 3D model of it in ZBrush (what I did) and so I did a whole new design – except for the colors, those are still good in my opinion – and did a new character turnaround as you can see above. The helmet and weapons remain the same too though. Now I am working on a nicely (hopefully) rendered 2D Hilda. Also I am making screenshots of the progress so I can show them to you later. If I don't forget to take screenshots later, because I tend to do that...