Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hilda Character Design – WIP –

Hello and good evening,
sorry after my little time of absence (again) it's just a work in progress that I can come up with. But I am still saving the steps, so there is still hope for a step-by-step post of this work. Hooray!
The hardest part is done on this I guess, now it is about fine-tuning, adding details, more contrast, light and shadows, bounce and reflected lights and all that stuff. Especially I have to work on the materials and the face, but this time I am saving the face until the end. I used to say that in my YouTube videos, that I like to start with the face because it motivates me to do the rest. This time I wanted to try it the other way around. I admit that I am already a bit tired of detailing the body, but this time I still have the face to look forward to.