Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Krita test/review (Mac OSX)

Hello and welcome (back)!
Now the video that I was talking about in yesterdays's post is online for you to watch. Hooray!
In this video I am sharing my first impression on the art and digital painting/drawing software Krita with you. When I recorded this video, it was really the first time for me to open that program and I just got into it. Learning by doing, you know? So it's really a first look into the program and depending on the person, how quickly and easily (or not) this piece of software and it's environment can be understood. 
Well I don't want to take anything that I'll tell you in the video anyway so, I'll just let you watch it now. Please enjoy!

PS: When I tested more programs (suggestions welcome), I might also do a text-based review here on my blog that compares all the programs I've been testing. So check back and like and comment, I'd be highly appreciated.