Sunday, November 20, 2016

Doing Studies Versus "Real" Work

Lineart Photostudy Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy), for the expression, emotion and for her awesomenes.

This weekend I may not draw anything anymore, but I really want to continue my personal project. Well, hopefully anytime soon I'll have not only the chance but also the enthusiasm and power for it.
Working for a client, studio or personal project requires (me) to put in much more energy and thought than in one of these photo studies I do a lot recently. Though I am sometimes struggeling with the details in it, I don't need to think as much. It's still rather relaxing than exhausting to me. Because it's my comfort zone and there is no design thinking, but only drawing what I see. There is little layout or composition for me to do, nothing that doesn't exist in real life so I don't have to think about how to make it look like it could exist and work. It's mainly one thing I have to focus on, not a whole bunch of things like backgrounds (depending on the study), no tricky perspective, no additional characters or objects etc. But on the other hand that project of mine is still waiting for me and I have a story to write and a long list of things I want to design for it...