Saturday, December 31, 2016

A review of my year 2016

Hello lovely people,
now 2016 is soon coming to end, I am going to review my year from the art side of things once again. Last year I had really a lot of pictures so I didn't post them all into my review, this year is a little bit different. Though I am going to leave some of the sketchy things out, below are almost all of my personal works from 2016. As you may or may not known I have been working freelance on a project since february and can not show you anything of it.  I wish I could, there are some works among it that I am quite proud of myself. But for the moment, here comes what I have done aside and yes - it's mostly portraits.


The January started with the death of Alan Rickman, who I loved very much. So one of my first works was a fanart in his honor. The young Harrison Ford was just for fun and the following two concepts were for a contest, not a big thing, but also I didn't win anything. Doesn't matter, I had my fun and practice too. The vehicles were designs for my personal project, the last one won't be used, I changed the design language of this fictional company of the Xopilae Forces.


I remember that I got the previously mentioned freelance job between february and march, but here I was still at my personal project's spaceship designs. And the top image are some character designs, only the heads at that point though. The spaceships were pretty fast sketches, I was probably busy with work already.


Book cover (it's entry is here), besides that I did some speedpaints and sketches as I can see in the blog here. But nothing special.


This and a few more sketches. This was actually for a world map that I started doing for my personal project, I didn't finish it yet.


This must have been a busy month, this portrait painting of Charlotte Wessels was all I found for May.


All personal project.


The Cersei Lannister rage picture is my own favourite in 2016. Second picture is one of the main characters for the personal project but her clothes kept changing throughout this year. Also from here begins the Lena Headey fandom spiral of doom. Be prepared for Lena studies.


Here they come. Lower one is one of the few traditional works I did this year.


Yes, the body parts are Lena's.


Mhm. Yet another Lena and a vehicle for the personal project.


Here we go, I'll probably never have enough of Lena but at least I got to a point where I thought I can start drawing something else again. Vera Farmiga, because I was watching Bate's Motel at the time and I really like(d) Norma Bates. Then come Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy) and Simone Simons (Epica). Then, totally unrelated, creature designs for the personal project.



I found a new lady to fangirl about (in addition of course) and that is Emmanuelle Zoldan, new front-woman of Sirenia. If I had found more pictures of her that I thought were interesting to draw, I would have made more than these 3, I swear, she was fun to draw/paint. But unfortunately for me there aren't many usable pictures of her. Or at least not yet. Wait and see.
Then a sketchy sketch of Tyrion Lannister, just because. Followed by a sketch for my personal project of main character Hilda with a bike, you saw both in this post before.
And after all, there just had to be one last Lena! Wich is my other favourite for this year.


This year, in terms of personal work, I was obviously the most productive in January, September and December. I wish I hade done more on my personal project, but I always wanted to do something more relaxing after the client work was done. Did I reach the goals that I set myself last year (Keep it up, make more YouTube videos and tutorials, use that damn Twitch channel and finally start streaming)? More or less. I did videos, few tutorials and few streaming. I'm gonna keep the same goals in mind for next year. For my personal life I have big plans for 2017 and if it goes according to plan, I will hopefully be more productive and have more time to invest into my art and personal project. One goal from 2016, wich was the most important, was reached though. It was getting somewhere with my art. I know I am not famous or anything, but I made a big step forward with constantly doing client work.