Tuesday, March 14, 2017

New Character Portrait & My Tumblr Account

Hello again,
yes I am back. This time I have a portrait of Bjolan, one of the main characters from my personal project. Portraits really give me the most relaxing and fun times when it comes to art. Just the best thing!

Okay, so about my Tumblr account. Since I started blogging over here my Tumblr blog is almost dead. Well it recycles things I posted elsewhere, but that's a bit sad and no wonder I lost a bunch of followers over there too.
Today I had this idea of reviving it. But my art blog is this, no changes about that. I thought I'd turn Tumblr into my personal "diary" of sorts, not too personal of course. But rather about the things I do or that interest me apart from doing art. There might be art sometimes too but if you don't care about anything else I do, that will probably not be for you. Though I sure would be glad if you came by anyway. You never know. For now I didn't do anything about it, but I'll let you know when it launches, I might change the user-name!