Friday, May 19, 2017

Illustrating My Personal Project

Did this painting in Photoshop for my personal project. I wrote a little story part to it on Instagram:

It already became dark but they were still able to see the wide land spreading a whole lot of nothing beyond the huge ship they were standing on. Hilda sat down, tired from walking. "I miss my bike. Commander, there is really nothing here. No sign of civilization." "I have two eyes, I can see that. Well, we need to spend the night somewhere sheltered. Let's find a way into this wreck!"

Their hands were dirty and hurt from digging their way to one of the panorama windows. It was partly broken so they could get into the dusty dark inside. Yngvild went first, took a look around. "I can't see a thing anyway, but I guess it's safe, nobody and nothing here... I guess..." Hilda climbed in. She remembered that she still had her communicator, wich main function wasn't working since that incident but she could still turn it on. So she did and the display casted a weak light. "Better than nothing, ya?" she said. Yngvild was staring at something "what the hell...?!"

What did they find?

In my next YouTube video (it's uploading right now, so there will really be one!) I am gonna talk about different things and also about my personal project. Stay tuned, it'll be up soon and of course I will post it here too when the time comes.